CoAction and HSE working together for children with disabilities, complex developmental delay and autistic spectrum disorders

The West Cork Child Development Services provide team based services for families in West Cork with children (aged 0- 18 years) with complex needs. As of January 2013, a new referral system will be in place to access these team services. Families are advised to consult with a primary care team member, GP, education provider or member of the West Cork Child Development Services teams to complete an application form. The application form should be accompanied by health and education reports where available.

The teams will link with other children’s services e.g. ENABLE Ireland, CAMHS and specialist services where appropriate.

The service is for children who;

  • Are aged 0 to 18 years (or still attending school)
  • Present with complex difficulties in the functional skills needed for everyday tasks and interactions
  • Require the supports of an interdisciplinary team to address these difficulties

How to make a referral

  • Referrals are accepted from parents, Public Health Nurses, GP’S, Area Medical Officers, Paediatricians, NEPS psychologists and allied health professionals, but must be accompanied by an application form signed by the parent/s or guardians.
  • Use the standard application form. This is available from GP practices, Primary Care Centres and local team offices.
  • Enclose existing health and education reports.
  •  Referrals of children should all enter the system via this single point of entry and no longer be sent to individual agencies.
  •  Where a condition resulting in disability or risk of disability is clear at birth, the maternity hospital refers the child to the service with accompanying signed neonatal application form. 
  •  The service manager will acknowledge the referral, decide if the child is eligible and send a letter to the parents.
  •  Sometimes where eligibility is unclear the referral may be discussed at the monthly Children’s Services Forum.

Who is on the team?

  • Family
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Psychologist
  • Speech & Language Therapist

Where are the teams?

There are two Network Teams in West Cork, each covering children aged 0 -18 years.

The North Network – with local teams in Dunmanway and Bantry (outreach to Beara).

The South Network with local teams in Clonakilty and Skibbereen.

What will the teams do?

Teams will:

  • Work with the child and family to identify need and plan and provide intervention.
  • Work jointly with education and community  resources as appropriate
  • Provide training for parents, educational staff  and community groups

Referral forms should be forwarded to:

West Cork Child Development Services
C/O Hazel Trudgill, Services Manager
Children's Services Centre,
St. Mary's Road,
Co. Cork.

Contact No: 023 88 55505